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The History of #34

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Like that of Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball for generations of African-American and minority athletes to follow in his footsteps, there was a legendary sportsman by the name of Wendell Scott who beat the odds and did the same in the sport of auto racing. Wendell Scott, who bore the number 34 on his race car, had a goal to win and possessed the drive and determination to accomplish that goal, despite all of the challenges he faced in the sport.

In the movie Greased Lighting, the life of Wendell Scott was portrayed by comedian Richard Pryor. The film journeys into the life of Mr. Scott, and through the portrayal, one begins to understand the life and struggle that a single man had to go through in order to reach his dreams. Without receiving significant backing from car manufacturers and corporations, Scott funded everything out of his own pocket. Scott often raced much slower than competitors, just to allow his equipment to last and earn a check at the end of the day. Through the kindness of others in the garage, Scott was able to run used parts from the likes of people like Ned Jarrett and Rex White.